Free Mobile Service

At Stick To It we offer free mobile service in many different ways. We will often come to your garage, your neighbor's garage if you don't have a garage, or a relative's garage to tint your vehicle. We prefer you come to us and we can provide you a shuttle ride to and from your home or place of business with no extra fee.(some restrictions apply).

When the temperatures in Arizona exceed 105 degrees it becomes challenging for any window tinter to perform at peak performance. To over come these high temperatures I have an air-conditioned garage that will allow me to perform at peak performance all year around.

Even in the 110-degree temperature my offer for FREE MOBILE SERVICE still stands! If you bring your vehicle to my air-conditioned garage I will give you a ride home, or to your place of business. After I have tinted your car I will come and PICK YOU UP and bring you back to your vehicle! – NO EXTRA CHARGE! (Some restrictions apply).

One more method for you to receive free mobile service is that I can come to you and show you some automotive window film samples. You can choose from what I have. I can then drive your car to my garage, tint your car and bring it back to you when I am finished. (Some restrictions apply).
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